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Early diagnosis saves lives. Women should recognize their breast tissue and closely follow the changes. Breast cancer; breast and nipple can be seen a difference in the area. These:

A lump in the breast or in the armpit.,
What are the symptoms of breast cancer?,
Changes in the size and shape of the breast,
Lumps in the skin or nipple, scaly and reddish appearance,
Orange peel on breast skin
Blood flow to the nipple
These symptoms may not always be indicative of cancer. A doctor should be consulted for the correct diagnosis. If You Say Yes To These Questions, Contact An Expert!   

-One Month Before Heart Attack, Your Body May Warn You With These 8 Signs!!-

1.When symptoms of a heart attack are Felt, be sure to sit down and rest and not stand up.
2.If you have a shirt and tie, loosen the collar area and tie, and try to relax.
3.If you have an aspirin tablet, chew it.
4..If the crisis has caught you alone, call your nearest neighbour or ask for ambulance assistance if you have a phone call.
5.Try to cover your nostrils and strongly cough. This will accelerate blood flow.
6.If you have experienced with first aid, it will help. However, if the person with you has not received any training on this matter, do not let him or her interfere with you and tell him or her to call an ambulance.
7.Open the windows and doors and get oxygen.
8.If you've been caught in a crisis, pull over and ask for help.    

-How to Remove a Skin Tag ?

Soft skin growths, which tend to appear on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and under the breasts, are harmless. Middle-aged, obese adults among the most prone people. Removing the skin label does not cause growth and there is a harmless way to prevent it without having to travel to the doctor.

Instead of doing cosmetic procedures to safely remove skin tags, you should consider using a natural product as an alternative. As a result of ACID properties, apple cider vinegar can be used to treat and prevent various common health problems . One of the advantages is the effectiveness of safely removing skin tags and has minimal irritation to the surrounding area.

Why apple cider vinegar works
Apple vinegar doesn't attack the label itself. Instead, it targets the tissues that are the cause and that make up it. Once the texture is destroyed, the label turns black and falls. The use of apple cider vinegar makes the skin more deeply targeted, reducing the likelihood of a label growing again. Preferably, take advantage of an organic apple vinegar bottle because of its high quality.

To use apple cider vinegar to treat skin tags
The following detailed steps will enable you to perform the treatment correctly and effectively.:
Step 1: clean the environment thoroughly, wash with lukewarm water and soap. Dry well. Ensure that all perspiration and dirt are removed because it can prevent the hand circulation from working effectively.
Step 2: put a small cotton ball into an organic apple cider vinegar, squeeze the extra vinegar before applying it to the skin label.
3. Step: once you have finished applying vinegar to the skin label, clean the area one more time. Remember, vinegar has a strong smell.
4. Step: repeat the procedure for several days until you begin to see the results. First, you will notice that the label will be darkened in a color that indicates that it will fall completely soon.


1. What Is Fart Exactly?

Fart is caused by gases trapped in the body for some reason. This gas can be trapped in the air swallowed while eating or drinking, the gas leaking from the blood into the intestines, or the gas produced by chemical reactions in the intestines.

59% of a typical fart is nitrogen, 21% is hydrogen, 9% is carbon dioxide, 7% is methane and only 4% is oxygen.

The fart sound is actually the vibration created in the rectum, the last part of the colon, by the release of gas from the place where it is trapped. It might sound like there's no smell in it. The height of this sound may vary depending on the pressure above the gas and the strength of the astringent muscles in the body.

2. Why Does Fart Smell Bad?

The richer your feed, the worse your fart smells. Foods such as sodas, eggs, cheese, beans and cabbage contain more sulfur than others. In short, when you consume these things, it is not surprising that your fart will reach your next-door neighbor.

3. An Average Of 14 Farts Per Day

A person fart an average of half a litre a day, and although they do not agree, women who fart the same frequency as men are also in this average. In fact, a study of women and men who consume the same food has shown that women tend to have more intense and stronger fart than men.

But it's a strange fact that a person can fart for a long time and produce the same amount of energy as an atomic bomb. 

after reading this you'll never put toilet paper on a toilet seat again

You go into a public bathroom, you think about who used it before you. To be hygienic, you first wiped it off with toilet paper, and then you lay down the toilet paper to avoid sitting on the toilet seat. What you think is protecting you may actually be the cause of the microbes.
According to the science world, it is produced on toilets to contain bacteria. Of course, this issue is controversial because there are incredible bacteria in the door arm of public toilets in many dimensions. However, according to experts, the toilet paper on the toilet, then put our hands on our face germs spread more.


Speaking to The Huffington Post website, William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University Medical Center said, "toilets are not a means for passing infections. You will not get any disease."

If you're sitting on toilet paper in the closet, pay attention.
Another important information about toilets is that you should close the toilet seat when you flush. Because if you do not close the lid while you flush, bacteria carry it out of the toilet with splash water.  


1. All the women she cares about are on the woman she loves.
Even in a crowded environment, she's all over the woman she loves. He never takes his eyes off her when he's talking and listening to her. He carefully examines all the gestures and mimics of the woman he loves, the changes in the tone of his voice.

2. Want to see constantly
He can't get enough of the dates and wants to see the woman he loves all the time. The weekend meetings are not enough for him, he wants to meet at school or work out, if possible at lunch.

3. Spends hours in front of the mirror
He is self-controlled,takes care of his outer appearance more than ever. It is more important for her to have her hair look good, her skin is flawless, her teeth are white. Brush your teeth more often, sports, and spend hours trying to keep your hair as it likes.

4. Would be altruistic
He wants the woman he loved, does not shy away from doing the things he loves, on the contrary, too. She compromises herself for the woman she loves. He may be interested in something that doesn't have the ability, or he may go on a trip that shouldn't be. She doesn't know how to cook, but she can make a romantic dinner for the woman she loves.

5. Takes care of being respectful and honest.
The usual patriarchal structure is not effective for a man in love. She respects him because the thoughts and feelings of the woman she loves are important to her.

6. Romantic
The feelings of the man in love at the top turn him into a more romantic person. To make the woman she loves Happy is an impulse that she can't prevent and does not plan. When he can't be with him, he can send messages expressing his love, receive surprise gifts or plan activities that will be happy.

7. Protector
The woman he loves becomes both family and friends and lovers. He tries to get into his troubles. He wants to protect the woman he loves from the people he can harm. She's the biggest supporter of all her troubles.

8. Trying to build a common future
The man who's in Love thinks he's found the woman he's gonna spend the rest of his life with. Now she wants to have that woman with her every step of the way. He can't stand the idea of living apart from him. The first goal is to live together now.

9. Doesn't forget the important details
For a man in love, dates are really important, never forget. It can affect the woman she loves with personal details. She can wear a shirt in her favorite color, take it to a restaurant where she has the food she likes, and open the songs she likes when she goes in the car. It is completely inseparable when you keep all these details in mind and display them. 


If there's water coming out of your mouth while you're sleeping... here's the reason and the solution!

Water coming from your mouth when you sleep may cause dryness in the mouth, but can be a harbinger of many health problems. This is usually seen in young children and infants, there is no age limit. People of all ages can see water coming from the mouth while sleeping at night.

And that's the way to sleep with our mouth open when sleeping mouth water of the description, wrong sleeping position, dental problems, allergies, reflux, Parkinson's disease, tooth extraction, side effects of drugs, nervous system disorders, the anatomy of the mouth and the water came from the mouth due to factors such as pinworm problems in the situation livable.

How should I prevent it?

If you complain of water coming from your mouth and this does not indicate any health problems, you can prevent your own methods.
For example, if your pillow is low, you can replace it with a high pillow. If it has anatomical disorder or adenoids or nasal ear, nose and throat doctor and explained the situation by going to the necessary therapy should be instituted.  

10 Signs You Have A Thyroid Problem And 10 Solutions For It

Weakness, fatigue, and drowsiness
Muscle aches and cramps
Weight gain or difficulty in losing weight
Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
Dryness and tenderness of the skin
Dry hair and hair loss
Swelling of the eye and face
Deeper and / or muffled sound
Growth in language
Irregular or heavy menstrual periods
Memory and concentration problems
Numbness in hands
High blood pressure and increased heart rate


Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia symptoms are not very sharp, but the most important symptom is the sensitivity seen in certain parts of the body. In addition to this, fibromyalgia manifests itself especially with pain and hard waking up in the morning. Difficulty breathing and tinnitus are also the biggest symptoms of fibromyalgia.

People with fibromyalgia syndrome have a special character. Their expectations are very high, perfectionist, very strict, and their emotional state changes very quickly. These people are very likely to increase pain in stressful times. The symptoms of fibromyalgia, especially in comparison with low back and neck pains, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, hypothyroidism and sleep disorders, can be listed as follows:;

Any pain more than normal to detect.
Pain-free stimulants also feel like pain.
Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
Resistance to exercise
Constipation, diarrhea and gas problems
State of depression
Memory problems
Feeling tired throughout the day
Feeling awakened without rest
Reduced sleep quality
General sensitivity to pain reduction due to non-invasive warnings
Concentration disorder, difficulty in learning new things
Customized change sensitivity
30-50% of patients have joint hypermobility.
The upper part of the body, which is limited to the Flushing tendency
Excessive sensitivity to certain points of the body is considered to be the most prominent feature of this disease. 

Believe it or not the sleeping position of women can tell a lot about their personality.

1. Position: you can't sleep without breaking your knees.
takings. On the other hand, under this calmness, there is a bit of solitude caused by your obsession with everything. But
you have no fear of the future. Even on the most unhappy winter morning, you can't miss your smile.
You can meet all the changes in your life without any problems. You're natural, but not the other.
on the one hand, you're skeptical and skeptical. How do we know your determination is clouding? Because the decision you receive
when you do not want to change these decisions at all!
2. Position: if you are sleeping in the fetal position; loving to be protected, understood and sympathized
that means you are human. So you can't afford to be loved, O number two! You're a sentimentalist,
you're sensitive! your first dates are always shy. This is one of the problems you face.
it means you want to stay away for a while. To make music, to draw pictures, to dance; in short, what is the name of art
if you do, you're being asked!
3. Position: if you're lying on your face, it means you're a leader. Tight to life
you like to embrace, use initiative and give orders. Probably planning everything in advance
love you. Your sense of responsibility allows you to achieve a great success.
4. Position: if you're sleeping backwards, you're probably a positive person who loves life. Even a little 'sane in the air'
it would not be wrong to say. But let's just say that the people who sleep in this position have a very strong personality.
they're people.
5. Position: if you're sleeping on your back like a soldier, you're solid, obedient and demanding. Private
you may be a quiet and quiet person in your life, but you don't like unnecessary rides at all.
6. Position: if you're sleeping in this position, you're happy with one word. You're always happy.
You are an unpredictable personality who loves all kinds of adventures. Your mood changes very quickly. It's a little bit for people.
it can be confusing. But you like to live in a group. Easily hurt, criticized
you don't like it!
You often find it difficult to make a choice. In general, stability in life, peace, silence, meticulousness.

you have choices.   

Sinus infection treatment at home secrets -

Chronic sinusitis herbal treatment, the spaces in the bones around the nose and eyes are called sinus.

Upon infection of these spaces, the sinuses and the currents in this region because of the dollars flows, bottlenecks occur.

These blocked spaces cause a lot of discomfort to the person, especially headaches. In this case, people consult the doctor and recommend that they follow the treatment process determined by the doctor.

Herbal treatment methods from good sinusitis
This process can be applied as a support to the treatment will be done with plants. Meanwhile, we need to share this important information. No plant that is not offered or recommended by experts should be used.

Herbal treatment methods from good sinusitis
It is known that patients get worse as a result of a side effect or unexpected reaction. For this reason, the plants to be used must be given by the plant specialists or doctors.


Boil 2 liters of water and put it in a glass container. The first vapor of water will be released in half a minute. Let's try to breathe the water vapor as much as possible. We lift our heads from time to time and massage over the nose from top to bottom.

Herbal treatment methods from good sinusitis
In this way, the fluid in the clogged sections will soften and will be transferred out of the nostrils. At the end of this process, we can extract the liquid by means of a sümkürme condition. This process can be applied once a day.

The liquid in the nose can be cleaned with readily available seawater in pharmacies. The product sold under the name of sea water is taken and the nose inside the nose is bathed on condition of squeezing it into the nose.1 cup of cold water boiled in 1 teaspoon salt and half teaspoon baking soda put.

Mix this mixture well and let sit for 10 minutes. After this process, let's take a handful of this mixture and draw it to the nose. After pulling salt and carbonated water to the nose, let's keep it in the nose as much as possible and bring it back with the slime technique.

Herbal treatment methods from good sinusitis
This treatment option can be repeated three times a day. What should be considered in these forms of treatment, the fluid drawn from the nose to the lungs is how to escape. In eye baby shampoo 200 ml water 2 ml with features that burn by putting a handful of this mixture is drawn into the nose.

Herbal treatment methods from good sinusitis
As with other methods, the liquid drawn by the sümkürme and the waste that comes with it are removed. All of these treatments should be done with the doctor's approval and the doctor's medication should be used with great care.

5 Drinks To Cleanse The Kidneys And Improve Blood Circulation

How can I prepare this drink?
By preparing this drink at home, you can improve your health and also clean your liver with digestive system. It is a great alternative for those who don't want to drink plain water because citrus adds a delicious taste to the water. It also helps to moisturize, lose weight and strengthen skin health.

5 glasses of water (1.25 liters))
1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange oranges
10 mint leaves
1 tablespoon vinegar or carbonate (10 g))
Mix vinegar or carbonates with water and wash the skins of fruits with this mixture.
Lemon, lime and orange slice.
Put the berries in a pitcher and add the mint with 5 glasses of water.
Leave it for at least two hours, preferably overnight.
For a glass the next day before breakfast. Then two or three glasses a day.
Apply this cleanser for one week, then take a break for two weeks.
Our take a look at this post: 8 Signs that point to kidney stones

Although this drink is a great help for healthy kidneys, we should not forget that its effects depend on our other lifestyle choices. You should improve your diet and reduce the consumption of foods rich in oxalate, such as coffee, sodas, dried fruits and cocoa.

Also, it's not just to prevent kidney stones, the intake of vitamin C to protect the entire urinary tract is very important.  Blueberries are also a good option to be included in the diet because they have high antioxidant content as well as vitamins and minerals.

For 8 glasses of water per day. If you do not want to drink plain water, you can add fruit into it. If you have a kidney disease or you are taking a special medicine, it is very important that you consult your doctor before taking this drink.

Every woman should know these signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer


Creeping, however, of the negative developments that may occur in the ovaries ovarian cancer needs to be monitored regularly with in the early stages can be detected. Common symptoms of the disease include::

Feeling of pressure in the abdomen and swelling
*Fullness, or pain in the groin
*Long-term indigestion, gas or nausea
*Changes in bowel habits such as constipation
Changes in bladder habits, including the need to urinate frequently
Loss of appetite or fast feeling of fullness
*Vaginal bleeding
*Weight loss

These symptoms, especially when a few of them together in the routine examination period is recommended to go to the doctor.


There is no diagnostic and screening method for early detection of ovarian cancer. “Patients usually have swelling and pain in the abdomen, digestive disorders, urinary problems and changes in bowel habits complaints, but women's diseases and birth specialists instead of going to another branch doctors lose time,” he said. Dr. Mete Gungor, therefore, the diagnostic routine gynecological exams, often in the early stages to the later stages where it is difficult to treat the disease or what you can put in underlines.


Approximately 10-15 percent of ovarian cancers occur as a result of hereditary disorders, while the remaining 85-90 percent are not known for which reasons. However, in some cases and in some women, ovarian cancers occur more frequently. For example, ovarian cancer is more common in women who have had a miscarriage, had a late menopause, had a problem with infertility, or treated with talcum powder to the genital area.


Long-term birth control pill users, too many births and tubes are connected or taken in women less than the disease is found. About 10-15 percent of ovarian cancers occur in family members as a result of inherited genetic damage passed from generation to generation. The two most common of these damages are BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 gene mutations. The risk of ovarian cancer in women with this gene mutations can reach up to 20-40 percent. For this reason, in 2 or more relatives in the family breast and ovarian cancer in women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene damage are included in the research agenda. Birth control pills reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Women who take birth control pills for up to a year and women who take birth control pills for more than five years are 70 percent less likely to develop the disease. In the same way, the number of deaths from ovarian cancer has been determined to decrease in the incidence of ovarian cancer.


Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer is very important because the disease is limited to the ovary only 90-100 percent, while the advanced stage of life is limited to 40-50% in 5 years. Saying that surgery is the treatment for ovarian cancer, gynecology, and obstetrics/ Gynecology Oncology professor. Dr. Chemotherapy can also be applied before or after treatment if it is deemed necessary according to the stage of the disease. In case all of the pelvic organs are found in advanced stages of the disease, regional lymph glands are removed and a tumor on the tumor tissue remains so that no other organs are left behind after the operation which is being given to chemotherapy patients in order to destroy tumor cells at the microscopic level. Treatment of early stage patients with robotic or laparoscopic surgery can be done. The risk of recurrence of the disease in half of the patients in the following 5 years, controls should not be disrupted as there is a risk.

What Happens To Your Body After 40 And Why It’s Important To Know About It -


Many women in their 40s fall into menopause. As a result, hormones change begins. These changes in hormones, estrogen around the abdomen begins to accumulate in that area increases the lubrication. Women in their 40s are more likely to gain weight as their metabolic energy expenditure begins to decline. In the 40s, the body needs less energy, so food consumption should be adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, bone loss, cellulite, and menopause-related stress, depression, and irritability may occur in situations such as hot flashes. Men can also experience weight gain depending on age, current disease or still life. For this reason, each individual should do weight control. In addition, physical activity should be done on a regular basis, body mass index 30 and above necessarily weight should be given, sleep hours should be adequate and health checks should be done frequently.


In olive oil meals, the oil should be added As Raw after cooking. PHOTO:SHUTTERSTOCK

A regular diet routine should be established in the 40s. In particular, 3-4 servings of milk and dairy products should be consumed daily in order to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system. Meat and meat derivatives should not be consumed too much. 2-3 days a week red meat, other days white meat and dry legumes can be eaten. Daily 4-5 servings of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, as bread grain, whole wheat and rye bread should be consumed. Fats should be measured in terms of, unsaturated fats should be preferred. Saturated fats can increase cholesterol fats such as butter and margarine because they are. It is better to consume vegetable oils such as sunflower, soybean and corn instead of oils like this type. All foods should be cooked with these fats because they do not contain cholesterol. In olive oil meals, the oil should be added As Raw after cooking.

Constipation can be seen in the 40s because bowel movements have slowed down. For this reason, foods with Pulp should be given weight, vegetables and fruits, dried legumes, oats, lentils, corn, brown bread, fiber rich foods such as nutrition must be included in the order. Sugar and sugary foods and şerbet products should be eaten as little as possible. This type of food gives the person intense energy, but excessive consumption of weight and fat can cause.


Studies have shown that antioxidants found in purple foods such as red plum, grape, eggplant and BlackBerry significantly increase the rate of cell renewal. PHOTO:SHUTTERSTOCK

Carbohydrates that raise blood sugar rapidly (sweet, pastries, rice, pasta etc.)s) instead of whole wheat and grain-rich foods should be preferred. Calcium supplements should be consumed and vitamin D supplements should be taken to keep bones strong. You should also take magnesium along with calcium. The best sources of magnesium are pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, flax seed, banana and green leafy vegetables. In addition, substances such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes should be reduced. Because these substances may lead to osteoporosis by increasing calcium loss.

The most inevitable side of aging is the slowdown of cell renewal rate. Studies have shown that antioxidants found in purple foods such as red plum, grape, eggplant and BlackBerry significantly increase the rate of cell renewal.

The secretion of the leptin hormone, which gives a feeling of fullness in the 40s, is reduced. This can cause appetite to open up. Almonds can be consumed at certain times during the day to give a feeling of fullness. Almonds are a rich source of calcium. Also found in flax seed and sesame in the ligand ingredient is the strongest of antioxidants. Ground flaxseed to yogurt or salads by joining and sesame can be eaten. In addition, foods containing vitamin C and E should be consumed. Vitamin E is good for menopausal hot flashes. For example, ketentohum and soy are effective foods for hot flashes. 2 tablespoons per day is sufficient. Vitamin B, zinc and magnesium are the best sources to reduce mental tension. Serotonin makes you feel good. The best source for seratonin is bananas.

Physical activities and sleep patterns are also very important in addition to the way of nutrition in the 40s. Therefore, Male-Female, every individual must create a healthy sleep routine and do regular exercise. Only in this way can the general body health be protected. If a person has any health problems, exercise should be planned under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Be Careful: Your Body Alerts These 6 Symptoms Before a Heart Attack (stroke) - amazing health and fitness secrets....

1 - fatigue
We all feel tired sometimes. This is perfectly normal,. But if you're tired on your way to the store, you have to stop and think about it.

In addition, if you are suddenly and quickly breathing, you need to see a doctor immediately and have an EKG. If you are a stressful person and your heart health is not very good, you are at risk of having a heart attack at any time.

2 - Chest Pain
One of the most important symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain or compression.

Pain similar to chest pain can occur in various parts of the body. Especially the pain in the arms (left armpit is also one of these regions) should be considered. On the other hand, similar pain can be seen in your throat, neck, chin, back and abdomen. The pain usually lasts for 15 minutes.

3 - respiratory distress
Before a heart attack, shortness of breath and shortness of breath are experienced. The main reason for this is that the blood cannot go to your lungs because your veins are blocked.

If you have shortness of breath, you should see a doctor immediately.

4 - lack of concentration
If you feel tired and weak often, it may be because your lungs don't get enough blood. People with chronic fatigue syndrome often have a risk of heart attack.

5 - dizziness and cold sweats
Excessive sweating is one of the symptoms of a heart attack. If you are sweating too often, you are advised to see a doctor.

The reason for the dizziness is usually not enough blood to the brain.

6 - flu/colds
Do you have high fever, severe coughing, and abnormally cold? Not to worry, these are not direct symptoms of a heart attack.

However, it is important to know that these are the symptoms before the heart attack. Absolutely must be taken into account.

7 - hair loss
One of the early signs of a heart attack is hair loss. In general, this symptom is seen in men over 50 years of age in women are also observed.

A doctor told ABC News that it was caused by unhealthy blood circulation.

8-irregular pulse
The pulse may burst irregularly for 1-2 minutes. If he doesn't return to normal, you'il feel dizzy and tired. If this is repeated, consult your doctor.

This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Has To Say About Your Health

The hip with a size above the average may not always be that bad. So what's your butt shape?

Frame butt

It can mean a lot to a butt being square. This person may have fat on the side of the waist. Some simple basic exercises improve and strengthen the hip muscles while reducing the fat in the waist area.

Round butt

A round butt is good and healthy. This also means that fat can be on the upper side of the hip muscles. If needed, it is quite easy to get rid of the fat taken from the root.

Heart-shaped butt

Probably the most desirable butt-shaped heart-shaped butt is filled, and the waist is increasingly thinner. This butt shape also indicates that excess weight is stored up there. These buttocks tend to lose fat faster when they age. Perhaps it is worthwhile to gain weight now for the future of your health.

“V” Butt

It's usually the butt of old women. The fat in the butt has begun to lose estrogen and is moving to other parts of the body. If your butt is in V shape, you should start moving the fat tank in your body as soon as possible to free your heart from this lubrication.